Environmental Monitoring in Microbiology

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Environmental monitoring in microbiology refers to the systematic analysis and assessment of microbial activity. Undergoing this process, you can understand and control microbial populations in air, water, soil, and surfaces and eventually ensure environmental safety and public health.

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We help you identify potential reasons and sources of microbial contamination and detect the effectiveness of sanitation practices, meeting the regulatory standards.

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Microbial species in the environment can cause contamination and may lead to disease outbreaks. As a result, PLS Analytical offers complete environmental monitoring services to industries. Our monitoring method involves sampling, isolation, cultivation, and identification of microorganisms using various techniques, including microscopy, molecular biology, and culture-based methods. Environmental monitoring in microbiology can be differentiated into several types. Need more queries? Talk to our experts today.

Air Monitoring: You can collect and analyze airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. We use specialized equipment like air samplers and impactors to measure the sources of contamination.

Water Monitoring: It involves monitoring water sources like lakes, rivers, and drinking water supplies and mitigating harmful microorganisms. Undergoing this test, you can detect indicator organisms like Escherichia coli and enterococci and specific pathogens.

Soil Monitoring: The process involves DNA sequencing and microbial culturing to assess the presence of bacteria, fungi, and archaea. It helps determine soil fertility, nutrient cycling, and potential contamination by pathogenic microorganisms.

Surface Monitoring: It involves examining the surfaces in various environments like healthcare facilities, food processing plants, and public spaces. Swabbing and contact plate methods are commonly used in this process.

Bioaerosol Monitoring: Bioaerosols are usually present in the air containing living organisms. It can cause respiratory infections or allergies and so needs proper monitoring. We use techniques, like impingers, cyclone samplers, and filter-based methods to detect bioaerosol in the environment.

Molecular Monitoring: Molecular techniques like polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and next-generation sequencing are another method to detect microorganisms in environmental surfaces. It involves rapid and accurate identification of pathogens and microbial assessment.

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PLS Analytical uses a proactive approach to safeguard ecosystems, preserve biodiversity, and improve health, preventing you from potential microbial hazards. Our microbiologists, having expertise in monitoring microbial activity, help scientists detect and respond to environmental changes and identify emerging pathogens.

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