Identification of Microorganism

The identification of microorganisms is an integral part of microbiology that helps determine the type or species of a particular microorganism. You can undergo this process to understand their characteristics, behavior, and potential impact on human health and the environment.

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Traditionally, microorganism identification relied on phenotypic methods. These methods involve observing physical characteristics such as colony morphology, cell shape, and biochemical reactions. Some popular phenotypic techniques used were - microscopy, staining, and culturing on specific media. Surprisingly, PLS Analytical excels in using advanced techniques for microorganism identification. Considering the evolution in technology, we have come up with genomic and proteomic techniques. These procedures facilitate faster and more accurate microbial characterization. In addition, modern testing methods help analyze the genetic material of microorganisms, such as their DNA or RNA, to identify and classify them. By leveraging our methods, we enable scientists to identify microorganisms at the species and even strain level. Additionally, you can also opt for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS). It helps microbiologists analyze the unique protein profiles of microorganisms, allowing for rapid and precise identification in clinical and research settings. Identification of microorganisms even supports researchers willing to investigate the OOS (Out-of-Specification) results. The process assists in OOS investigations by determining contamination sources, conducting root cause analysis, assessing product quality, ensuring regulatory compliance, formulating contamination control strategies, enabling trend analysis, and evaluating suppliers and raw materials. Undergoing this method, help prevent future OOS incidents, thereby maintaining product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance. Want to know more? Get a free consultation today.

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Are you looking for sophisticated molecular and proteomic techniques for the identification of microorganisms? PLS Analytical can be the right one to serve you. From providing accurate microbial characterization to maintaining a sterile environment with fast identifications, we have expertise in handling microbial testing procedures for every industry.

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