Contamination Analysis & Testing Lab – Impurity Identification

Contamination Identification Testing, Detection & Analysis

PLSanalyticals’ contamination analysis laboratory can identify impurities at even the smallest levels which can cause irreparable damage to a product, rendering it useless. When this happens, individuals and manufacturers need to be able to determine the source of contamination in a fast and efficient manner. Our chemists can analyze for contaminants down to the parts per million, billion, and sometimes trillion level.

PLSanalyticals’ talented and capable staff is able to isolate and identify the impurity, then work with you to determine the contamination source and create a solution to the problem. Afterwards we can work with your staff to put new quality control checks like batch-to-batch testing, refined product development methods, raw material supplier analysis, and more to help prevent or minimize potential problems from happening in the future.

Having an independent laboratory verify that the contamination source has been identified and solved, that that products being produced afterwards are free of defects, and that new quality control procedures have been put into place, will help to instill confidence from your customers in your product, and brand name.

For litigation cases involving product contaminant analysis, several of our veteran chemists have experience as chemical expert witnesses. They are skilled at explaining complex analyses and results in an easy-to-understand manner during a courtroom setting.

We have proven methodologies for specific substances that we use to effectively isolate and identify the material, and its source. For example, one method may involve a comparison study between a control and suspect sample. This study is dependent upon the sample matrix and the suspected level of contamination. Often, we begin with a general screen of the control and suspect sample using GC/MS and LC/MS.

Then, depending upon the test results, we could separate the contaminant from a large amount of sample and analyze it using FT-IR and NMR spectroscopy. Once identified, we begin to work further with your staff to identify where the contamination originated, develop a solution, and put checks in place to help prevent the contamination from occurring again.

Contamination testing problems PLSanalytical can solve:

  • Food & Beverage Safety Testing
  • Contamination analysis of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems
  • Contamination identification of Consumer Products
  • Pharmaceutical tablets with unidentified spots
  • Off-color/Off-Odor investigations
  • Environmental Analyses

Impurity Identification:

  • Degradation Products
  • Leachables
  • Synthetic Impurities
  • Reference Standard Characterzation