Reformulation is the process of recreating an existing formula. This service is most often used by clients wanting to own their product’s formula, or wanting to recreate or improve a product currently available on the market. For either of these scenarios, deformulation of an existing sample is the first step which identifies and quantifies all ingredients. Next, scientists develop the formulation specifics for how to process the ingredients to create the final product including all desired formulation adaptations. These two processes make-up the fundamentals of product reformulation.

Next-Gen Reformulation

At PLSanalytical we help take your product to the next level through innovative reformulation. In Next-Gen reformulation, we first deformulate your product to provide comprehensive ingredient identification and quantification. Then we identify alternative ingredients to improve product performance and appeal. We also can address health and environmental risks. We then reformulate the product to your specifications, addressing all elements of concern and helping to elevate your product above the competition.

PLSanalyticals’ Ph.D. scientists are conscious of the newest innovations in commercial and scholarly research related to your product. They can develop new trial reformulations of your product to balance performance, production costs, and environmental safety to help you make the best product possible.

At PLSanalytical you always own the rights to your final formula and we can help you navigate the necessary steps for any innovations requiring patents.

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