Environmental Sampling

For a pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility, assessing microbial diversity and getting insights into microbial interactions are crucial. That’s when PLS Analytical comes to the rescue.

Our environmental sampling process involves the collection and assessment of samples from assorted environmental sources. It helps identify and study microorganisms present in the ecosystem, assessing the microbial diversity and potential health risks.

How do we work?

Our microbiological experts conduct the sampling process in a wide range of habitats. These include soil, water bodies, air, and surfaces. Initially, the professionals find sampling sites, collect representative samples, and preserve them to maintain microbial viability. We use specialized techniques to isolate, culture, and characterize the microorganisms.

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Our environmental sampling services provide valuable insights into the ecological dynamics of microorganisms, their interactions, along with their potential impacts on human health and ecosystems. The methods we choose for environmental sampling are as follows.

  • Grab Sampling: In this method, we collect a single sample at a specific point in time. Usually, we choose this procedure for water bodies where a container is immersed and filled with water, ensuring representative sampling of the immediate environment.
  • Swabbing: Another crucial method for environmental sampling is swabbing. It is specifically used for sampling surfaces such as countertops, equipment, and skin. The method requires a sterile swab to rub over the surface. This collected material is used as a sample. We transfer the material onto a suitable culture medium and preserve them for further analysis.
  • Air Sampling: This method involves assessing microbial contamination and airborne pollutants in various outdoor settings. In case you want air sampling for viable particulates, we undergo active and passive air sampling methods to capture and cultivate these microorganisms present in the air. Similarly, for non-viable air sampling, we choose impaction, filtration, and sedimentation methods to test airborne particles.

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At PLS Analytical we help monitor environmental quality, detect outbreaks of infectious diseases, and assess contamination levels with our services. So, if you like to develop strategies for microbial management and control, our experts can help meet your pharmaceutical manufacturing objectives.
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