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Instrument Calibration

Modern microbiology laboratories utilize various instruments, such as incubators, autoclaves, centrifuges, pH meters, pipettes, spectrophotometers, microbial identification systems, and many more. These sets of equipment require regular calibration to maintain their precision and adherence to established standards. It is when PLS Analytical, comes to your rescue.

We specialize in providing reliable instrument calibration services, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your lab instruments used in microbiological analysis. Our expert technicians put enhanced effort to gauge an instrument to the highest standards and generate trustworthy results.

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Explore Our Services for Efficient Instrument Calibration

At PLS Analytical, we offer comprehensive instrument calibration services tailored specifically for the field of microbiology. Here are some common services we usually provide to the labs.

  • Temperature Calibration: Temperature readings play a significant role in microbiological analysis. Especially if you consider incubators, refrigerators, freezers, and temperature-controlled chambers, temperature calibration helps ensure providing consistent temperature readings. Our experts undergo this process by verifying and adjusting temperature sensors.
  • Pressure Calibration: The pressure calibration process involves checking and adjusting pressure gauges, valves, and regulators to ensure accurate pressure measurement during sterilization. You can opt for service for instruments like autoclaves and sterilizers.
  • Pipette Calibration: Does your laboratory use manual or electronic pipettes? If so, you can look for our pipette calibration services. It ensures proper dispensing with intended accuracy. Whether it is a single-channel or multi-channel pipette, we help you attain appropriate pipetting results.
  • Mechanical Calibration: Mechanical instruments are quite vulnerable to mechanical shock and often exposed to varying atmospheric conditions. In order to avoid potential risk, we offer mechanical calibration services that work on the factors – mass, force, dimension, angle, volume, torque, vibration, etc. We measure and compare the results with the standard regulations to avoid compliance issues.

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Choose PLS Analytical for Genuine Calibration of Lab Instruments

PLS Analytical can be your trusted partner in case you need to meet your calibration needs. We are committed to maintaining accuracy and compliance with the standards set by regulatory bodies such as ISO 17025, FDA, etc. and increasing the lifespan of your laboratory instruments.
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