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Method Characterization

Every laboratory method needs to be assessed properly if you want to study microorganisms and gather the actual data. It is when you should opt for method characterization which refers to the process of evaluating and assessing the performance and reliability of lab methods. Undergoing this method, you can understand the strengths and limitations and identify the potential sources of errors associated with a method. It helps detect, isolate, determine, and study microorganisms in your lab.

Are you looking for a laboratory partner for method characterization? You can rely on PLS Analytical. We employ a range of analytical techniques and validation protocols to perform a series of steps and evaluate various aspects of a method.

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Our Comprehensive Method Characterization Process

Whether you deal with microbiological research, clinical diagnostics, and industrial applications, our experienced team of microbiologists evaluates each aspect of a method to provide you with reliable and precise results. Some key considerations of our process include –

  • Sensitivity and Specificity: We detect and measure the smallest amount of microorganisms. Our team analyzes samples containing known concentrations of microorganisms, for example, different species and interfering substances, to evaluate the method’s sensitivity and specificity.
  • Precision and Accuracy Testing: We use the same samples for replicate analysis and evaluate the precision of the method. Besides, we compare the method’s results to the standard set by the regulatory bodies to measure the accuracy of the method. It also assesses the systematic and random errors associated with a method.
  • Robustness: Robustness determines the ability of a method to withstand minor variations in experimental conditions. We perform the job by introducing small deviations intentionally from the standard protocol and determining the degree of robustness.
  • Limit of Detection (LOD): LOD defines the lowest concentration of microorganisms which you can detect using a method. Determining LOD helps you understand the analytical sensitivity of the method and its ability to detect the presence of microorganisms.

Besides, our professionals adhere to quality control measures and maintain accreditation from reputable organizations. We strictly follow internationally recognized standards, ensuring that the process help meets regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

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We at PLS Analytical can be your reliable partner providing accurate and reliable data. We have a team of experts using advanced equipment, committed to delivering results that meet your needs and regulatory obligations. So, are you ready to choose our method characterization process? Contact our experts for better guidance.

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