Method Development

The method development process involves creating and optimizing laboratory protocols and techniques for various microbiological analyzes and experiments. It plays a crucial role in industries that rely more on microbiology for quality control, regulatory compliance, and research purposes. Be it pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, water testing, or healthcare establishments, you can avail of this service to ensure accurate and reliable results in a wide range of applications. These include microbial identification, microbial enumeration, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and environmental monitoring.

Do you need this service to strengthen your lab functions? If so, PLS Analytical can be a trusted partner. We have expertise in offering complete method development services that can attain your microbiological objectives. Understanding the importance of robust and validated methods in microbiology, we develop appropriate methods for top-notch results.

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Steps We Follow in Our Method Development Process

We follow a series of steps to acquire the best results. These involve –

  • Understanding client requirements: Our primary step is to define the scope of the project and get insights into the client’s objectives. Getting insights into your specific requirements, we establish clear goals and kickstart the process.
  • Thorough literature review: Our team conducts an in-depth review of existing scientific literature, methods, and regulatory standards relevant to your analysis. Reviewing these essentials helps determine whether the method is aligned with the established practices and needs more advancements.
  • Develop an experimental plan: We gather all data and develop an experimental plan to evaluate and optimize several variables. These include sample preparation, culture media selection, incubation conditions, identification techniques, and data analysis.
  • Optimization and validation: We go through rigorous experiments and evaluate multiple parameters, including sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, precision, and robustness to develop a robust method. In doing so, we ensure that the method strictly adheres to the required standards and deliver reliable results.
  • Documentation and reporting: The specialty of our method development services is we prepare documentation regarding every detail activity, including protocols, SOPs, and validation reports. It adds a transparent overview of the process, enabling you to understand our methodology and outcomes.

Choose PLS Analytical for a Systematic Approach to Develop Reliable Methods

Our team of microbiologists has a good experience in method development and validation. We collaborate closely with our clients, understand their objectives, and assess sample types. Further, we use cutting-edge tools to target microorganisms, and finally, develop methods that comply with regulatory standards. Besides, we even optimize the developed methods for better efficiency, maintaining their accuracy and reliability.
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